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Whatever Happened to Old Whatsizname?

The  purpose of this page is to provide  biographical sketches about  Whitehurst veterans.  Perhaps this page will answer the question, "Whatever happened to old 'so & so?".  If you are a Whitehurst vet and would like to have a  bio sketch on this page, send it to me for publication.   Make it as short or long as you like. We encourage your participation.  Wives, widows, children, and others who have the knowledge to write about a Whitehurst veteran are also encouraged to submit the stories.  Please e-mail bio sketches, comments, and questions to  site author, Max Crow.  Click to E-Mail  Click on a Link to see shipmate's bio sketch.

Name Rate Link
Bisaccia, Andy E. TM3  & CDR Bisaccia
Bryan, Bill E. RM3 Bryan
Calish, Sydney ENS Calish
Clement, Rodger E QMC USN Ret Clement
Cowden, Lewis MR2  WWII Plank Owner Cowden
Crow, Max FT2 Crow
Dorgan, Tim SM2 Dorgan
Dumelle, Jacob RT2/c Dumelle
Ekman, Roger E. CAPT Ekman
Fernandez, Dick CS1 USN Ret Fernandez
Grey, James LCDR Grey
Horton, Jack C. LCDR Horton
Lambdin, "Bill" LTJG Lambdin
McCawley, John MM2 McCawley
Murphy, Joe FN Murphy
Nance, James LT Nance
Pulliam, William "Bill" MM2 Pulliam
Saylor, Sam GMCS USNR Ret Saylor
Shelton, Wally "Pete" RD2 Shelton
Storz, Rod RD2 Storz
Toney, Hugh BT3 Toney

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