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Jacob "Jake" Dumelle, Radio Technician in the Second Crew

Jake has had an illustrious career in public service and the entertainment industry. mc



Jacob Dumelle

411 North Elmwood Ave.                               Height 6’2”                          Weight 190                          Eyes: Blue-Gray

Oak Park, IL  60302                                Suit: 44L                               Waits 38                               Shirt 17.5” 35/36

                                                                                Inseam 32.5”                        Shoes  12C                           Hat 7.5


Return to Me                                                        Zoo Visitor                                           MGM

The Visitors                                                         Commuter                                             The Visitors Inc.

Mercury Rising                                                   Murder Witness                                  Universal

U.S. Marshals                                                      Wall Street Broker                            Warner Bros.

Chain Reaction                                                    FBI Agent                                             20th Century Fox

Miracle on 34th St                                              Courtroom Spectator                         20th Century Fox

The Fugitive                                                         Cardiologist                                         Warner Bros.

Hoffa                                                                      Labor Business Agent                       20th Century Fox

Dennis the Menace                                             Residential Stroller                            Warner Bros

Home Alone 2                                                       Concertgoer                                         20th Century Fox

Home Alone                                                          Business Executive                             20th Century Fox

Only The Lonely                                                  Night Club Habitué                             20th Century Fox

Music Box                                                             Business Executive                             TriStar/Columbia

The Package                                                        Grandfather                                          Orion Pictures

The Lake House                                                  Man on Gurney                                     Warner Brothers


Early Edition                                                         Banker                                                  October Holdings

60 Minutes                                                           Interview                                               ABC (Ed Bradley)

CBS News                                                             Interview                                               CBS (Bill Kurtis)

Coming Clean (Documentary)                          Lead                                                       WTTW

Let’s Clean The Air                                            Narrator                                                Chicago Council of Mayors

Minicipal Report                                 Host/Producer weekly show Peoria, IL

Multiple Guest Appearances on Chicago Network TV                ABC, CBS, NBC,  WTTW



Noviritus                                                               Physician                                              Exelon Rollout, Chicago, IL

BelTone Labs                                                       Wedding Guest                                    In House Hearing Aid Test



Aida                                                                        Temple Priest                                      Metropolitan Opera of NY

Devil’s Disciple                                                   British Officer                                    Comstock Theater



Host/Producer of two radio shows; Peoria, IL, and Lebanon, NH.

Numerous appearances on Chicago radio-WGN, WBBM, and WMAQ


Public Speaking: Has given over 400 talks and speeches to audiences of 20 – 1,000


Special Skills

B.S. Mechanical Engineer, Masters in Public Administration, Lt Cmdr, USNR

Former City Manager of Peoria, IL and Lebanon, NH; Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Senator Norris Cotton

Former Chairman, Illinois Pollution Control Board; Excellent Scientific and Technical facility

Internationally known Environmental and Consulting Engineer


Sports Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Bowling, Canoeing, Softball Umpire

Clothing Formal wear, Navy Uniform

Languages German


Jacob "Jake" Dumelle as Sick Man on the Gurney

From the Movie "The Lake House"

Starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock


Jake makes the Sign of the Cross after overhearing doctors


Jake questions Doctor (Sandra Bullock)


Doctor (Bullock) reassures patient (Jake) as she wheels him to room



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