View Photos of almost all of the Whitehurst WWII Vet's Reunions
WWII Vets' Reunions

Memories of Weather in the China Sea and West Pacific by Lew Cowden

Syd Calish, Whitehurst's First Engineering Officer Recounts the
Kamikaze Strike for the St. Helena, CA Newspaper
St. Helena Star

Honor a Deceased Whitehurst Veteran

Last Hours of Whitehurst by Veterans of USS Trigger SS-564
Last Hours

See the Whitehurst's Sister Ships in WWII

Whitehurst's VJ Day Flag Discovered and Saved in 1960s
VJ Day Flag

  Medals Earned by Whitehurst Veterans in WWII
   Medals Earned

  Ship's Specifications and Armament
  Specifications & Armament 

The sinking of USS Eversole DE 404, and the rescue of her survivors.

"The Men Who Sail Below"  A touching poem of the life of the Black Gang,
by one or more veterans of the USS Borum DE-790 1943-1946
  The Men Who Sail Below

The Baskin Log:  Whitehurst Activities in WWII Recorded by George Baskin
1944     1945

July 2007: Another WWII Log Surfaces.  Click the link to read the log of
Pasquale A. "Charlie" Conti FN
  The Conti Log

Radarman 3/c Bill Cutten's Memories of  his Whitehurst  Experience in 1945-46
  Old Water Bucket

 Walking on the Bulkheads and The Perils of a Panama Canal Transit and
other stories by: Jake Dumelle

Jake Dumelle's Resume with photos from a movie appearance

Whitehurst WWII Veteran's Photos on Doug Smith's Web Site

Doug's Photo Page

Doug Smith's Service Record
Doug's Service

  She's Gonna Blow  by: Doug Smith WT 2/c
 Gonna Blow

  Near Misses of the Whitehurst by Jake Dumelle RT 2/c
  Near Misses

  USS Crosley APD-87 Assists Whitehurst After Attack by Suicide Bomber
  Crosley Log

  Tug of War with a Fuel Hose by Doug Smith WT 2/c 
  Killing the Black Snake  

  Them Ain't Mosquitoes. Them's Bullets! By Doug Smith WT 2/c

Doug Smith Volunteers for Army Duty
What Came Over Me?!

 Letter submitted to "The Times" by the Daughter of Lew Cowden MR 2/c

 RD3 Dan Yeager's Memorial to Whitehurst's Kamikaze Victims

 Eye Witness to the Kamikaze Strike

   Charlie Herril's Pipe and History of the Bosun's Call  

Commander James R. Grey, First CO of Whitehurst
How I Steamed the Captain's Butt by Lew  Cowden MR 2/c
Poem "Buried At Sea" by Raymond E. Plumb
War Record of James K. Nance, First Lt. of Whitehurst during WWII 
(note: This is a good chronology of Whitehurst's WWII activity)
Picture and comments of Baskin & Cowden re: Explosion of Mt Hood Ammunition Ship
Mt Hood story by Fred Mielke 
For More Eye Witness Accounts of the Mt Hood Explosion see the Mt Rainier Web Site
Fred Mielke's memoir of the Kamikaze attack  Kamikaze Attack
Lt James K. Nance's Memories of the Kamikaze Attack  K_Attack!
Roy Graham's account of sinking of Japanese Submarine I-45 
A Brief Break from War
Storms Remembered by Syd Calish
Downing of a Japanese "Val" Dive Bomber
Auto Biography of Syd Calish, First Engineering Officer
Many Links to Whitehurst and Navy items of General Interest
to Whitehurst vets of Eras
Items of General Interest




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