Part of the crew of USS Whitehurst DE 634, take a break  from the War


Picture and some identifications provided by William Yeager.  If you can provide addition IDs of these men, I'll be happy to post the names to this web site.  Please try to relate the names to a row position, left to right or next to a specific number.  An * beside the names means the man was reported dead. 

The men who have been numbered are:


1.Lt. Wilbur Yates Bullock* 2.Deler D. Johnson* 3.James Austin Emfinger*  4.Ralph M. McBee  5.John B. Linnenbank  6.Steve Soboslay,  & Alvin E. Livingston on his right. 7.Leon Orlando Hudson*  8.Mel L"Buck" Greene 9.James Edward Braden*  10.?? Sorensen  11.William Yeager  12.James Roy Liles*  13.George Madison Davis  14.Clifford E. Lozier  15.Frank Arthur Mussetter*

Identifications by Lew Cowden: Front row extreme left, Harry Clark MM 3/c,  the 3rd and 4th men from left  seen drinking are: Gene Schaab WT 2/c &  Royce Prevatt MM 1/c  

 Back row extreme left: "Ski" Lescynski
Back row, left of center, drinking, Corliss P. Hunter RM 3/c
Front row 6th from left, Jim Mochack RM/c


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