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Day is gone, gone the sun,

From the seas, from the hills, from the sky,

All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Fading light, dims the sight,

And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright

From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night

Thanks and praise, for our days,

‘neath the sun, ‘neath the stars, ‘neath the sky.

As we go, this we know, God is nigh.

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The following list contains names of men who served in the 1950 and later crews.
Because of lack of data, there is no Taps List per se for the WWII crew. When we
learn of the passing of one of these men it is marked "Deceased" in the WWII Crew List

Shipmates Who Have Cast Off On Their Final Cruise


Name Rate Onboard Died
Aguilar, Frank M. YNT3 Dec.-1955  2017
Allerdings, Robert CWO May-1952 1997
Allgren, Mahlon GM2 Jan-1951 2008
Anderson, Charles FN Sep-1950 2008
Beaman, Percy LT Apr-1954 XO 2001
Bibby, Jesse EMF2 Sep-1950 1994
Billingsley, James EM3 ???-1955 2011
Black, Walter RDCS Nov-1951 1997
Blair, Delbert "Hoss" BMSN Aug-1952 1998
Blair, Marvin BMSN May-1952 1997
Bongiorni, Harry IC2 Sep-1950 1987
Boodman, Bert ET3 Aug-1951 2011
Borkowski, Frank jr BT3 Sep-1950 1987
Brickley, James F. FTC Oct-1961 2007
Bright, Lee SN May-1951 2001
Brown, Robert "Doc" HM3 Sep-1950 2001
Bruffett, Howard SN ???-1956 1999
Chuck Bryant, Capt. Ret ???-1966 CO 2008
Bufford, Jacob RM3 July-1952 2007
Burke, Alan ??? 1998 1998
Cameron, Clover SN Sep-1950 1967
Camizzi, Turedo SN Feb-1951 1991
Cardin, James BTC Oct-1959 1986
Cederberg, Edwin RDSN F3b-1956 2011
Champagne, Joseph RD2 Sep-1950 1998
Chapman, Jack W. SO2 Jun-1955 2019
Churchill, William CMN1 Sep-1950 1967
Clement, Rodger QMC June-1958 2018
Cockrell, Bobby FN May-1952 1986
Comins, Robert GM3 Sept. 1950 2007
Congdon, Clifford FTSN May-1951 2008
Connors, Eugene T. LTJG ???-1952 1991
Copfer, Paul A. MM3 ???-1957 2010
Couch, Gary L SO3 Apr-1955 2004
Cox, Gordon RMSN Jan-1952 2001
Cox, Maynard BMC May-1958 2011
Crawford, Albert N QMCM Sep-1950 2014
Crutchfield, James SH3 May-1951 2003
Cunningham, T. TESN Dec-1953 ????
Davis, George RMSN Jan-1952 2010
Davis, Jack BT1 May-1965 2002
Davis, Luther PCS3 Sep-1950 1987
Day, William E BT3 May-1954 2001
DeLaune, George J SN May-1961 1998
Dempsey, James RM3 June-1956 2007
Denardis, Donato QM2 Sep-1950 1994
Dixon, Richard GM3 Apr.-1953 2019
Drew, John RDSN Sep-1950 2011
Dumler, Richard H "Buddy" SO1 Dec-1952 2012
Easton, William LCDR Sep-1954 CO 1994
England, Earl "Bud" GM2 May-1952 2017
Fastwolf, James FN Dec-1953 1955
Farmer, Jack DCW2 Sep-1950 2005
Felecy, William CSH1 Sep-1950 ????
Ferguson, Donald SN1 Jun-1952 2008?
Fernandez Richard F. CS1 1959-1961 2019
Flanders, Ross FT1 Dec-1955 2006
Foster, Woodford YNTSN Sep-1950 1985
Fry, Clyde SH3 Dec-1956 2017
Gallacher, Edward SH2 Sep-1950 1997
Gentry, Bobby EN2 Jun-1953 2005
Gilman, Cletus LTJG Sep-1950 1994
Graham, Walter SN May-1951 1992
Green. Dick EN3 ???-1960 2014
Griffin, Marion BTG3 Sep-1950 1992
Griggs, Dean RD2 Dec-1956 2016
Haizlip, Ralph GMM3 Nov-1950 1992
Haney, Benjamin BMC Nov-1955 1997
Harlan, Dave LTJG Sep-1950 2008
Harrison, Walter ML1 Mar-1951 1998
Hasty, Royland QNQ2 Sep-1950 2007
Hevalow, James SN May-1952 1975
Hicks, Curtis EMC Jun-1957 2015
Hillman, Daniel BM3 Sep-1950 1978
Hillman, Donald QM3 Mar-1951 ????
Hoffman, Vincent SKG2 Sep-1950 ????
Houser, James "Jake" SOG3 Apr-1952 2016
Hust, William HT2 ???-1961 2008
Isaacs, Charles SN1 Jun-1955 2008?
Jandebeur, Daniel FP3 May-1953 2004
Johnston, George T LTJG ???-1952 ????
Jones, Claude ET3 Sep-1950 1993
Jones, Leonard C. PNA3/ETC ???-1954 2011
Jones, M. D.  CO 1952-1954 LCDR Jan. 1952 2000
Kaiser, William FN Sep-1950 1995
Kemper, Russell, Started our reunions BTG2 Sep-1950 1980
Kemper, Mildred, wife of Russell Honorary Crewmember 2012
Kessler, Savoy CSC Jun-1952 1988
Kinkel, Roeder LT Jun-1952 1968
Kopec, William SN Sep-1950 2010
Kovaric, John F Capt USNR ???-1961 2008
Knutson, Leroy FN Mar-1952 1987
Kuester, Ray SO2 Oct-1954 2015
Lambert, Carthell FN Mar-1952 2003
Larkin, Val BT3 Jun?-1954 2009
Lasater, John MMC Apr-1951 1973
Lassen, John EMP1 Sep-1951 1995
Lester, Charles FN Sep-1950 1993
Lindgren, Donald EMP3 Sep-1950 2009
Lynch, Herman BMG2 Sep-1950 ????
MacLane, Donald CDR ???-1961 CO 1989
Main, Elvan D. "Al" SN1 May-1951 2015
Manly, Elton BMSN Apr-1952 1986
Martin, C.D. SN1 Sep-1950 2007
McCawley, John MM2 Oct-1951 2009
McClaran, Alvie RMCM Jun-1957 2007
McCranie, Richard SO3 Sep-1950 2010
McDermott, J. jr BMB2 Sep-1950 1978
McDuffie, Jesse SN Mar-1952 1999
McGriff, Thomas GMC May-1952 1987
McKenna, Laurence E. RD2 Sep-1950 2008
Meston, Bruce HC June-1962 2010
Miley, Kenneth STGCS Apr-1964 1997
Mitchel, Jack HMC July-1951 1987
Mlynek, Ernest GM1 Apr-1952 2008
Moebus, Howard GM1 May-1952 2006
Moore, Clifford SO3 Sep-1952 2000
Morgan, Billy CS1 ???-1961 2009
Moser, Michael YN2 Mar-1954 2016
Mueller, Irwin RD1 Sep-1950 1975
Murphy, Joseph FN Sep-1950 2014
Nash, Harry jr RD3 Sep-1950 1992
Nelson, John R. YN2 ???-1954 1993
Nelson, Lloyd H. YN1 ???-1961 2005
Nettles, Jack BT3 Sep-1950 2018
Nixon, Larry RD2 Jun-1955 1956
Norin, T. Larry ET2 ???-1963 2001
Nowacki, Ray ET3 ???-1954 2005
Ott, Ralph FT3 Apr-1955 1998
Pantley, Jim MM1 Jun-1962 2008
Paquette, Leighton RD1 Sep-1953 2001
Parsons, Edwin FN Oct-1950 1987
Parsons, James RD1 Jun-1952 1995
Penny, Robert BT2 Nov. 1951 2010
Perkins, Thomas MM2 Sep-1950 1995
Perry, Michael T GM3 Jun-1961 2006
Phillips, Robert L. RM2 May-1951 2005
Phillips, R. G. "Rudy" ENS Sept-1950 2015
Piska, James R MM2 May-1951 2002
Ponder, Lawrence E. SDS3 Sep-1950 2007
Prince, William PNSN Sep-1950 2009
Prock, Donald MM2 Jun-1958?? 2016
Prock, Elton ??? Jun-1960 1961
Prout, Russell K CDR Jun-1958 CO 2008
Richards, James BMSN Sep-1950 2000
Richards, Alva G. LCDR Sep-1950 2015
Rierson, Paul LCDR Jun-1961 XO 1999
Roberts, Miller H. GMM3 May-1951 2010
Robertson, Ralph DK2 Sep-1950 2011
Rockhold, John R RD3 Sep-1950 2005
Romero, Fred EN3 1961 2018
Ross, Vincent C CS3 Dec-1950 2001
Ryder, Aubrey SN Sep-1950 1955
Samuelson, Robert MML1 Sep-1950 1995
Sanders, Ben ENS Jun-1954 1992
Sangray, James R. "Dick" GM2 May-1951 2011
Schafer, James SN Apr-1951 ????
Schuebel, Galen FN Sep-1950 ????
Scott, John J. BT2 May-1951 2014
Shelton, Wallace P RD2 Aug-1955 2015
Smith, George Jr MMLFN Sep-1950 ????
Snodgrass, Ross PN3 Jun-1955 1956
Soltes, John G LTJG Sep-1950 2006
Spisak, Robert BT3 Sep-1950 2000
Stafford, James BT2 Apr-1951 2017
Stevens, Lauren MM2 Sep-1950 2015
Stopak, Alvin FN May-1951 1992
Swiger, Raymond MM3 May-1951 1993
Tageant, Robert YN3 Sep-1950 1972
Tarver, Boy D. EM3 ??-1954 2013
Thompson, Edgar BMSN May-1952 1989
Thornsberry, Jerry RM2 ???-1954 2013
Thornton, George SN May-1953 1981
Toney, Hugh BT3 Sep-1950 2008
Turner, Leland MR3 Apr-1955 2008
Venable, John T. FT3 Sep-1954 2003
Vickers, Jesse FN Jun-1952 1975
Waggoner, Miles TM3 Jan-1952 2007
Wakefield, Duane SO2 Jun-1954 2017
Walsh, Peter BT1 Sep-1950 ????
Ward, Emmett LT Sep-1950 1999
Warren, Robert BMSN Sep-1950 2000
Watkins, Roger SO2 Jun-1952 1980
Watson, Bill LTJG Sep-1950 1951
Wedman, Edward ETSN Sep-1950 1983
Whisenhunt, Vonnie BMSN May-1951 1998
Whitehurst, Kenneth SH3 June-1954 2009
Wilkinson, Rayford SN Jan-1952 2006
Williams, Binion B FC1 Sep-1950 1959
Wilson, Donald Ens ???-1952 2006
Wilson, Ralph BTC Jun-1953 1980
Wilson, Ralph BTG2 Sep-1951 2001
Wood, Noel CSSN Jun-1954? 2007
Wright, Ansel J BT3 ??-1958 2011
Zauter, Kenneth SN1 Sep-1950 2010
Last Update: 30 March 2019      

USS Whitehurst DE-634

19 November 1943 --- 28 April 1971

May They All Rest In Peace

Music arranged by Weldon C. Kennedy

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