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 USS Whitehurst Photos Showing Armament Changes

Whitehurst Was commissioned in 1943, armed with three, 3"/50 dual purpose guns, (surface and Anti Aircraft), one set Quad Mounted 1.1" AA guns, triple torpedo tubes,  one Hedge Hog Mount (forward thrown Anti Submarine weapons), eight K-Guns (side thrown depth charge guns), two depth charge racks, and eight single barrel 20mm machine guns.

Both Sonar and Radar were used to locate the enemy and assist in targeting.

Chronological sequence of changes with photos, although the changes are not always obvious.

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  1943 Launch 39KB

     1943 28KB


In early 1945 a pair of single 20mm guns were mounted on the fantail.  After the Kamikaze attack, 12 April 1945, the badly damaged ship made to the Navy Yard in Pearl Harbor where the torpedoes, and the 1.1" AA guns were removed.  A quad 40mm gun mount replaced the 1.1" guns.  Power Cables and Transformers were installed where the Torpedoes had been.  Immediately after this heavy hardware was installed, an "Incline Test" was conducted, 3 July 1945.  The following photos were taken in July 1945.   


1945 Incline Test                                1945 Fantail View                                            1945 Stb Qtr View

In 1950, after five years, decommissioned but supplying power to the mothball fleet in Green Cove Springs, Florida, Whitehurst was re-commissioned for use as a power station during the Korean war.  Upon return from Korea, she entered Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, California, for a major overhaul.  At this time the Range Finder on the bridge was removed and all of the 10 single 20mm guns were exchanged for twin 20mm guns.  In spring of 1952 the overhaul was completed and Whitehurst operated out of San Diego doing daily training exercises.  In summer of 1952 the ship was home ported at Pearl Harbor.  In the fall of 1952,  Whitehurst served as escort to the ship carrying data from the H-Bomb tests to NAS Alameda, CA.

1952 Point Loma San Diego                                         1952 Approaching Golden Gate
Pearl Harbor was the ship's home port for several years.  In June of 1953, Elizabeth II, of Great Britain was crowned Queen.  The ships in port put on "Full Dress" in honor of the occasion 
  1953 Dress Ship                                                                              1953? Sea Detail
In 1954 all 20mm guns were removed.  In1957, "Side Launched" Torpedoes were installed on the Quarter Decks, port and starboard.  About this time the Sonar gear was moved below decks and a lot of splinter shielding was taken off to remove topside weight.  The single Hedge Hog mount behind Mount 31 was removed and a pair of Hedge Hog mounts were installed abaft of Mount 32.  In 1958 Whitehurst move to Pier 91, Seattle, WA and began training reservists.


     1956 Pearl Harbor     1957 Pearl Harbor Channel     1957 Pearl Harbor             1957Golden Gate
1959 Reserve Cruise                                  1961 Pearl Harbor              1962 In the Philippine Sea
In 1961 the Whitehurst was called from training reservists to another hot spot.  The ship was used to train the South Viet Namese Navy in patrol duties. After returning to Seattle, the heavy power cables and transformers were removed.  The ship continued as a reservist training vessel.
Viet Nam '62                                             1962 Stb Qtr                    Late Photo. No Cable Reels

1962 Arriving Seattle


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