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Links to Search and Rescue stories

Guam 1953 Search, Rescue & Sink!


December '53 Search & Rescue Typhoon Survivors

The Marines Ascend to the Crater on Agrihan to ID Lost Search Plane
Marines' Ascent

US Army Recovers Bodies of Navy Fliers from Agrihan Crater

Stories by the airmen of VJ-1, the Squadron which lost the aircraft
and men which brought about the SAR Dec '53 Mission and the story
as posted by Jeff Masters
VJ1 Squadron Home Page

Jeff Masters WunderBlog

Roger Ekman's Chronological account of The Dec. '53 SAR Mission
Typhoon Doris

Typhoon Doris Data, Wind speeds and Track
Doris Data 

Search & Rescue Victims of Motor Vessel Rota Shipwreck, January 1955

Story Written by Ensign Louis Strazis in 1955
Search and Rescue







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