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Foreman DE-633  Timeline WWII Action
Double Click F, scroll and Click DE 633 Foreman DANFS History

USS Foreman DE-633 Honor Photo

Whitehurst DE-634  Timeline WWII Action
Double Click W, scroll and click DE 634 Whitehurst Several Whitehurst History Links

Whitehurst WWII Stories

USS Whitehurst DE-634 Honor Photo

First of England Damage Photos

              USS England Special Credits Photo designed by Jack McLaughlin, Researcher, USS England Assn.

England DE-635  Timeline WWII Action
Double Click E, scroll and click DE 635 England DANFS History

USS England Honor Photo

Web Site of USS England

Witter DE-636  Timeline WWII Action
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USS Witter Honor Photo

Bowers DE-637  Timeline WWII Action
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USS Bowers Page

USS Bowers DE 637 Honor Photo

Willmarth DE-638  Timeline WWII Action
Double Click W, scroll and click DE-638 Willmarth DANFS History

USS Willmarth DE-638 Honor Photo

The photos I have used came from various sources.

Many thanks to Todd Willmarth, Historian for USS Willmarth DE-638 and CortDiv40, for most of these photos.  Jack McLaughlin, Researcher for USS England DE-635 contributed several England photos and the original version of the Hedge Hog Attack painting. Whitehurst veteran, Doug Smith contributed the Whitehurst "scoreboard"  Of course all of the "Campaign Ribbon" photos were taken from the individual ship's NavSource pages on the Internet.  I encourage the use of
material from this site.  Capture the pictures, print them and share them.  Let's Keep the Memories Alive.
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