This poem lifted from an old issue of DESA News. It was written by Raymond E. Plumb in may 1984 and dedicated to:
Bill Breeding Cox and all the men who died with him on the USS Whitehurst.

This story is about a Destroyer Escort built on the West Coast in 1943. The crew came from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station near Chicago, Ill. The little ship was nearly destroyed by a squadron of Japanese planes off the coast of Japan (Okinawa) in April 1945 but she came back swinging.

Buried at Sea


The war was on, they needed help!
"DEs" were born with pride,
They replaced the big "tin cans"
With convoys at their sides.

A "lilly" bomber makes a run
Gliding in like a breeze
Across our bow to drop the bomb
That missed our "LSTs".

My blood ran cold but I had faith
In the gunner next to me.
With deadly aim Bill squeezed it off
And the bomber hit the sea.

Live on, these proud and fearless men
And men they were you see
To live and fight another day
For Little Bill and me.

Here they come, out of the sun
Like a swarm of angry bees!
Came those screaming Kamikaze
Spilling blood into the sea.

Coming in from everywhere,
The sun, the clouds, and sea
Strafed the deck and dropped the bomb
On Little Bill and Me.

The decks were cut with gaping holes,
Look through them to the sky,
Thankful that so many lived
For those that had to die.

These men are not forgotten.
They still live in you and me.
Fought and died for Freedom,
This was their destiny.

Our ship came up like thunder
The ocean tried her soul.
We were sent to sink the sub
That sank the "Eversole".

We came upon the tragedy
to lend a hand someway.
Our sonar spoted a submarine
Six thousand yards away.

We sank sub, that's history,
But let us shed some light
On the men who thank their lucky stars
The Whitehurst was there that night.

Paramount made a movie
With pride and honor to bestow
On our little ship, The Whitehurst
Called "The Enemy Below".

She grew old and weary
And was put to sleep with grace.
The Pacific Ocean was her home
And now her final resting place.
                                                       Raymond E. Plumb


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