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WWII VJ Day Victory Flag

by: Tim Dorgan SM2 1960s

Tim Dorgan 1962

Tim Dorgan ca 2007

I can't remember just where we were but the Chief [QMC Walter Dougherty] told me to clean out the bunting storage and discard any flags or pennants that were no longer used. He didn't say just how he wanted me to dispose of the unneeded flags so I took advantage of that.  I did show him the Victory Flag and asked what it was. On the hoist line it said that it was made at Mare Island in 1944. The Chief, a WWII vet, told me the story about how the flag was designed and was approved by President Roosevelt to be flown by all Navy units and bases on the day Japan surrendered. Of course the poor man didn't live to see that day.  I still fly it on VJ Day, have for many years.   Tim

GMC Ret. David "Tim" Lake served on the Battleship Pennsylvania (BB-38) from 1941 through 1946. The "Pennsy" was Flagship of the Pacific Fleet for much of the war period.  Chief Lake remembers this flag being flown when the ship returned to the states after the war. mc

Note to Readers.  I have been unable to find anything about this flag on the Internet.  Excepting Chief Lake, I cannot find anyone who remembers the flag from VJ Day or otherwise. As of the posting date I have no other evidence to identify this great piece of Whitehurst memorabilia.  Your input will be appreciated.
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