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Saylor, Samuel L. GMCS  USNR Ret.

GMCS Sam Saylor

I served a total of eight years on active duty and the balance of my 43 years of naval service was in the Naval Reserve Program.  I was recalled to active duty for the Korean War.  In civilian life I was a printer by trade.  I entered the Government Printing Office in Washington, D. C. in 1948.  With time out for my Korean duty, I worked 36 years there and retired in 1983 as head of the Printing Office.   I became a member of the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association in 1980 and served in every management position and was President for nine years.  When we brought SLATER back I wore the hat of president of DESA and of the newly formed Destroyer Escort Historical Foundation.  I kept this dual position for three of my nine years as DESA’s President.   I gave up the DESA position and kept the job that is now know as Chairman of the Board of the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum. 

Note: Sam served aboard the USS Connolly.  He kindly provided his expert witness to the Whitehurst Kamikaze attack at my request.  max crow, site author
Eyewitness to Kamikaze Strike. 

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