USS Whitehurst Logo by: Pat Stephens, Webmaster, DESA

Max Crow FT2 in 1955, Webmaster USS Whitehurst Web site

Max Crow, Yeoman Striker 2004

Max Crow, FTSN 1953

I left the Whitehurst in September, 1955 and was mustered out at Treasure Island Naval Station, September 28, four years to the day after being sworn into the navy at Albuquerque, NM.  Worked in the Electrical Construction trade and went to night school until February 1957 when I joined IBM.  I worked in the Field Engineering Division in the El Paso, Texas office, but had many interesting assignments all over the U.S.  It was mostly technical work on data processing equipment, much of it under high pressure, and all of it on 24 hour call.  The decade of the 70s was spent in software work.  To avoid moving away from El Paso I moved back into hardware service in 1980. The work was interesting, challenging, and never boring, but when IBM began downsizing in late 80s, the 1 a.m. callouts for computer service became a "way of life".  I told my manager, in 1990, that I'd gladly accept early retirement.  Several months later the opportunity came along.  I haven't earned an honest dollar since leaving IBM in  April, 1992 but I've have enjoyed every minute of it! 

Chris and I have been thru the "RV trailer phase", "get-away place in the mountains phase", done some cruises, been to Europe, and generally just enjoyed retirement as it should be.  We have many lovely children and grand children whom we see often enough to appreciate.

In 1997 an old shipmate, Arnold Pettijohn, called and invited me to attend the 1998  reunion of Whitehurst Late Crews in Orlando . "Swede" Allgren who had hosted the 1996 reunion, sent a penciled address list of the shipmates that had been located.  There were about 120 names.  That laboriously, hand written list "cried out" to be computerized.  That was my first effort as a "yeoman striker".  After the 1998 reunion, the idea of a USS Whitehurst Web site came to fruition.  Now in it's 9th year( 2008), it is still growing. This record on the Internet has generated many gratifying contacts with old shipmates, family of old shipmates, and Whitehurst veterans of WWII and many of their family members.  Just this month, family members of Ensign Whitehurst contacted me after seeing the Web site.  They provided the photos of the Young Ensign and of his mother Christening the ship, which are now posted on the Ensign Whitehurst page.  

The Whitehurst Web site and the "Yeoman's Office" are fulfilling tasks, worthwhile and gratifying.  But it is "hobby" work which could very well die with me.  It is my hope that someone, a younger shipmate, son, or daughter,  will want to take over this work while I am still able to be of assistance.  The records, Web site files, and hundreds of photos are all stored on CDs awaiting whoever has the desire and the initiative to carry on this work.  The offices of Yeoman and Webmaster are logically separate and could be handled by different people.

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