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Timothy Dorgan SM 2  

Tom Dorgan ca 2007

Tim Dorgan ca 1962

After the USS Whitehurst was placed in mothballs I was assigned to the USS Bridget DE 1024 a group I Reserve status. This meant that the Reserve force equaled one third of the ships complement rather than two thirds as the Whitehurst had been. I did not care for the Bridget for several reasons and I transferred to the Mine Sweep Reserve Forces serving on the USS Cormorant, USS Vireo and the USS Conquest. I retired from the Active Reserve in 1976 after 21 years of Active and Reserve duty combined, and concentrated on my civilian career with the U S Postal Service.  

I remained in the Seattle area until May of 1986 when I moved to Anchorage Alaska in connection with my position in the Transportation Branch of the Postal Service. I retired in October of 1992 as Supervisor of Transportation for the Postal Service in the state of Alaska. I returned to the Seattle area and in 1994 relocated to North Central Idaho. 

Note: Tim has two articles on the Funnies Page. "This Ain't a Lifeline" and "The Reservist Helmsman" plus "The KMRA Pennant" and "Overheard" linked off The Viet Nam Era  page. 
He has also made major contributions to the "Whitehurst Late Era" slide show.

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