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Lewis Cowden MR 2/c

Lew Cowden 1945

Lew Cowden ca 2001

I enlisted in the navy at age 17 for a minority cruise. I then attended Boot camp and MM school at Great Lakes and Refrigeration school at Syracuse NY during the winter and summer of 1943. In the fall I traveled To Mare Island and then to San Francisco to sign in aboard the USS Whitehurst. The ship launched on September 5 and I served aboard until my 21st birthday on February 15 1946.

My discharge came in March and civilian life began again in Toledo Ohio. I worked at as a refrigeration repairman through the summer then my new wife and I moved to Columbus Ohio where we attended The Ohio State University for the next few years. Graduation with a degree in Mechanical Engineering came in December 1951. 

Union Carbide’s Linde Division took a chance and supplied a job then as Development Engineer at their Speedway lab. I worked and progressed there until Jan 1978 when I was promoted to Plant Manager of our new plant at Hayward California. We remained there until we retired in January 1986. 

After Retirement we moved up to the gold country of California where we lived until 1998. At that time my wife’s health started to decline and we moved back to Indianapolis to be nearer our children. We’re still here and will remain. 

                                                                           Lew Cowden, August 2004

Lew wrote the article "Steamed", contributed  the Baskin Log, and  the Letter Home article, which are in the WWII section.    mc

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