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Bio Sketch of LTJG "Bill" Lambdin after Whitehurst
                   Bill aboard Whitehurst,1951, Pusan, Korea                           

I stayed in the Naval Reserve until 1963, but since I was starting a service station business, I was unable to leave the business for the required 2 weeks active duty. I did complete 3 correspondence courses that are required for promotion. So, in 1963, the Navy told me I was going to have to show more interest or resign my commission. I resigned and stayed in the service station business for 33 years, until 1985, when I sold it to a Greek that wanted it more than I did. He paid me a good sum for "goodwill will" and as the saying goes, "it was too good to turn down". After selling my business, I kept the property, along with and adjoining ice cream store and started playing golf again. I moved to a condo alongside the golf course and was playing about 4 times a week, except when quail season was open, then I went to my favorite pastime of hunting quail in Florida, and going to South Dakota during the pheasant season. About 6 years ago, I woke up one morning and it was cloudy, and my thoughts were "I hope it rains today, so I won't have to play golf". It was then that I decided it was time to really retire and sit on my duff, read, play with my I-phone, I-pad, and computer instead of spending 6 or 7 hundred dollars a month on something I didn't really enjoy anymore. I bought a Kindle and in the past year and a half have read 103 books. I walk two miles every morning, am in good health for an 86 year old fart. I have been blessed, and three weeks ago, I joined the Baptist Church and was baptized in the Gulf of Mexico. So, I guess I am just waiting for the time when most of us will be together again. My wife died in 1999, and I haven't had the urge to get into the dating game again, so I guess I will stay single. As an afterthought, I did shoot my age in golf twice. Once when I was 74 and again when I was 76. Somebody told me this is something a small percentage of golfers ever do, so I am proud of that. I hope everything is well with anyone who reads this, and that your life has been as complete and happy as mine.
Bill Lambdin-Ass't gunnery officer on the Whitehurst from 25 September 1950, to 31 January 1952.

Posted September 12, 2012

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