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Bill Pulliam MM2

Bill Pulliam, ca 1952

Bull Pulliam, ca 2008

Boarded the Whitehurst in February of 1952 while it was undergoing an overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California.
After leaving the Navy in 1955 as a Machinist Mate 2nd Class, I got married and moved to San Luis Obispo, California where I attended Cal Polytechnic University.   Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1958 and moved to Sacramento, California to work for the Aerojet-General Corporation.  Worked as an engineer in the Liquid Rocket Plant for 11 years, and then moved to Alamo, to work for the Department of the Navy at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard until I retired in 1994.
Retirement has been great as I'm an avid golfer and play several times a week.   I'm originally from the Monterey Peninsula, and have a cabin in the mountains.   There's a lake where I fish for trout, and always have work to do on the place, which I really enjoy.     Also try to spend the months of January and February in Kauai in the sunshine!
Like to cruise, and have been to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska and Mexico, and hopefully our next trip will be to Australia and New Zealand.

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