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Rod Storz RD2

Rod Storz, 2002

Name: Rod Storz. Entered the Navy in December, 1950. Boot camp in San Diego. Went aboard the Whitehurst in May, 1951, as a Seaman Apprentice in the deck force. The ship was moored alongside the Impedence, a power generating barge, in Pusan, South Korea. Struck for Radarman eventually becoming RD2 before leaving the ship. Erv Mueller, a WWII veteran, and an excellent man, was in charge of the gang. Discharged, honorably, in October, 1954.
I was born in South Dakota, 1932. Raised in Wyoming and Idaho. Loved sports. An excellent boxer, a sport I detested, was a good football player, a sport I enjoyed, an a poor basketball player, a sport I loved. Dropped out of high school twice, once as a sophomore and again during my first senior year. Finally, after 5 years, and with a little help from Mr. Wicks, the school superintendent and a kindly old gentlemen, God rest his soul, I received my diploma. Six months later I was in the Navy.
My post Navy working career was in the commercial testing area and then many years in lab, polyolefin and wood product adhesives research and eventually field tech service. A total of almost 40 years. Since retirement I have been employed as a bus driver for a company which provides a rider service for handicapped and elderly persons that are unable to access standard public transportation. Starting my 12th year driving as of last June 1st, 2008.
I met my wife, Bobbie Sue Jennings, while working for a commercial testing lab. We were building a Naval air strip out of Kingsville, Texas. I met Bobbie in Alice, Texas. We were married three months later, September 15, 1956. Bobbie died June 11, 2008. Two adopted children, Steve, 48 this fall, lives in Taos N.M., and Kallyn, 45, lives in Aloha, Oregon. Both wonderful people.
I golf a lot now. Need to get rid of a cataract. I now share my life with a Lhasa Apso and two Shih Tzu pups.   Rod Storz  07/19/08

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