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Andy E. Bisaccia

I was trained in therapeutical hypnosis when I was in college in the Psych Club by Dr. Harley of Westmount College, our advisor. I've used it a lot over the years to help people with various problems that come under the purview of hypnosis. Handy tool. 

 A chronological bio since leaving the Whitehurst in 1952.
Discharged in January 1952 at Mare Island, Ca.; Taught at Crest Forest school, Crestline, Ca.; Married Sharon Grodrian; District Boy Scout Executive in San Bernardino; Assistant Scout executive in Ventura Co.; natural science instructor at Thacher School, Ojai, Ca.; Naval Intelligence Agent, San Diego, ca.; Clinician for Title III, Federal Innovative programs in education; elementary and Junior High teacher; college instructor; expedition leader for anthropology students for Ventura College and University of California at Santa Barbara; founder of adventure travel; a master taxidermist as a sideline for 35 years; retired in 1990; substitute high school teacher. Now he plays tennis, golf, swims, hikes, active in scouting, paints war game miniatures, is an author, plays with grandkids, reads, gardens, travels, and spends far too much time on the computer which started back in 1978. His three married children who live in Ojai, as well as six of his seven grandchildren. One is a Marine presently  on a joint exercise in Japan and Thailand. He lives by a saying he saw on the wall of a snack bar on a Navy base in WWII: "As you wander on through life brother, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole." (This sketch contributed ca 1999)

Andy's stories on this website include, "Toothache "The Day I Borrowed the Commandant's  Limo", "The Navy Way" (on the "Underway Replenishment" page), "The Great Engine Heist" "The Kyushu Escapades of Andy and Harry",   and a great deal of material on Jimmy Pon Sun See, the orphaned Korean boy, adopted by the Whitehurst crew.  mc

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