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Links to Stories of the Korean War Era
And Stories from later in the 1950s

A Triple by LTJG "Bill" Lambdin, Asst. Gunnery
Officer, 1950 - 1951
Tragedy in Korea      Drunk on Shore Patrol      Bottle of Hootch

Whatever Happened to Old What'shizname?
Whatever Happened?

Warren Blakely's account of Mary Soo, aka "Garbage Mary"
Garbage Mary

The Whitehurst Funnies:  Brief, Funny, Memories
Whitehurst Funnies

Memories of Bill Bryan Communications Officer, 1956
Memories From 1956-1957

Where in the World is Old Whatshizname"
This page is for finding old shipmates.  If you want to put up a search paragraph for
a lost shipmate.  Contact me...

Honor a Deceased Whitehurst Veteran

Andy Bisaccia's
Pusan Flashbacks

Last Hours of Whitehurst by Veterans of USS Trigger SS-564
Last Hours

   "The Men Who Sail Below"  A touching poem of the life of the Black Gang,
by one or more veterans of the USS Borum DE-790 1943-1946. 
Linked here because of its interest
to our own Engineers.

     The Men Who Sail Below

 Medals & Patches 

Story of the Whitehurst Logo

  Ship Specifications and Armament

  Specs & Armament

  Whitehurst Stars in Movie, The Enemy Below


A. J. Wichita, Engineering Officer, Early to Mid  1950s

The Un-Squared Hat by Bill Lambdin
Squared Hat

ENS Dave Harlan's Memories of the Re-commissioning Crew
Re-commissioning Crew

Ric Masten's Memories of a Storm

Andy Bisaccia's "Escapades of Andy & Harry in Kyushu"

Dead in the Water off Cape Hatteras by Al Crawford
Lost Power

AL Crawford's Memories of Pusan and "Archie" The Korean Rabbit

The Whitehurst Baseball Team

Deer Hunt Near Pusan, Korea 1951 By Bill Lambdin
(Ever Heard of Deer Like These??)
Deer Hunt

The Great Mok Po Engine Heist by Andy Bisaccia

Learn which Whitehurst sailor helped capture the first German POW of WWII
First POW

Underwater Earth Quake by Al Crawford QMCM USN Ret.

The Hedgehog Incident by Several Whitehurst Vets
Hedge Hog

Toothache and Hypnosis Tooth Ache by Andy Bisaccia

Navy Inquiry into Morale Problems by Al Crawford & Rudy Phillips

Reflections of the First XO
Art Hammarlund

Andy Borrows the Commandant's Limo


The Whitehurst Club, Pusan Korea
Whitehurst Crew Adopts Korean Boy
Jimmy Pusan
Andy Bissacia's Account of "Jimmy" Pon Son See
Bisaccia Account
Jimmy's Writing & Drawing by Andy Bissacia
Jimmy's Drawing
Underway Replenishment and The K-Gun Fiasco by Roger Ekman
Underway Replenishment
Whitehurst Collides with Submarine Bugara by both Whitehurst & Bugara Vets
Bugara Incident
Inside Passage Opened  by Whitehurst
Ken "AK" Baroa
Disgruntled Postal Worker Shuts Down Whitehurst P.O.
Post Office
Post Office Reopens then Closes again with Memorabilia
Post Office II
Radarman (aka Disgruntled Postal Worker) navigates to Australia Coast


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