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Who was the Sailor with the Toothache

By Andy Bisaccia


Andy Bisaccia ca 1998

I'm reminded me of the time I put a member of the crew under hypnosis in Korea when we were out to sea and he got a terrible toothache. We didn't have a dentist on board so I took away his pain until we got into port. I gave him the post hypnotic suggestion that as soon as we got to port and the anchor hit the water all the pain would return. I wanted him to get it taken care of. I was told that when the anchor hit the water he let out a scream.
 I was trained in therapeutical hypnosis when I was in college in the Psych Club by Dr. Harley of Westmount College, our advisor. I've used it a lot over the years to help people with various problems that come under the purview of hypnosis. Handy tool.  AB
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