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Pictures from the Early Viet Nam Era


In 1962 Whitehurst was on patrol in the South China Sea in support of the South Viet Namese Government.  The ship dropped anchor near Phu Quoc on the west coast of South Viet Nam, where the ship's company went ashore for a beach party.  

Pictures contributed by various Whitehurst veterans of the late 1950s and 1960s. Not necessarily in chronological sequence.
Pictures contributed by: Rodger Clement, Tim Dorgan, Gary w. Hendrickson,
Bill Endter, George Parmeter, and Maynard Cox









Maynard Cox.  After leaving the USN,
became famous as the "Snake Man" of Florida


     USS Whitehurst DE-634, Phu Quoc Viet Nam. photo provided by Rodger Clement QM3

Loading the Motor Whale Boat  Photo by Bob Kenagy

Whitehurst's Motor Whale Boat takes crewmen ashore  Photo by Bob Kenagy SOG2


Beach Party near Phu Quoc South Viet Nam   1962


Color Beach photos contributed by Rodger Clement QM3




For more on the beach party and details of Whitehurst involvement in Viet Nam see "On Battle Patrol" by Bill Mulcahy Torpedoman 2/c  Battle Patrol


 Fishing off Viet Nam  1961 or '62
On Right wearing Glasses is Jim Stotts EM2



Duty Day, Can you name men or the ship alongside?
Foreground profile is Jim Stotts EM2, Sitting is Gerald Swartzrock EM2, Background is ??


"Sully" Sullivan & George Parmeter, Viet Nam  '61 or '62


First Liberty, Japan





 Gerald Laws Eng. Off.

     Gerald Laws' Zippo

         Engineering Dept. Patch









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