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1996 Reunion USS Whitehurst DE 634

Ramada Inn at Liberty, Ohio

 Hosts GM2 Mahlon "Bud" & Grace Allgren.

Seated l to r: Wayne Aden, Miller Roberts,  Robert Penney,  Bud Allgren (host)
Row 2: Ralph Robertson, Ted Kuflewski,  Ken Zauter,  Arnold Pettijohn,  C. D. Martin
Row 3: Don Lindgren,  Earl "Bud" England,  John Drew, Roy Hasty, Al Crawford, John "Randy" Rockhold

Grace & Mahlon "Bud" Allgren

  "Swede" Allgren GM2 1954

A recent photo of in his KWVA uniform

Site author's note: Bud served during the Korean War and while aboard he was known by all as "Swede".  For many months his assignment during the refueling at sea, and highline transfers was the "Line Throwing Gun".  Many of you will remember him, stationed on the bow wearing the red helmet, and shooting the brass projectile trailing the nylon line across the bow of another ship in the exercise.   He left the ship in 1954 as Gunners Mate 2nd class.  For several years Bud has been active in the Korean War Veterans Association.   He is the author of another story on this web site. Click on the following link to read of the Hand Grenade Incident      mc

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