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11th ReUnion of USS Whitehurst Korean War Era Veterans

August 1992, Albany, New York

Hosts Seaman First Class C.D. "Marty" & Edie Martin

Standing l to r: Lee Ann Stafford,  George & Gloria Holmes, A.J. Wichita (partially hidden), Don Goldston,  Roy Hasty,  Al Crawford, Eileen Crawford, Mary Farmer
Seated at table: Miller Roberts,  Mildred Kemper,  Harold Osgood

Cake made by Edie Martin

C.D. "Marty" & Edie Martin

Mary & Charles Lester, Lee Ann Stafford

Mary & Jack Nettles

Gladys and Arnold Pettijohn

Marty chats with Carolyn & John Drew

Gladys & Arnold Pettijohn

Mary Farmer & Eileen Crawford

Carolyn & Ralph Robertson

Mahlon "Bud" Allgren

Bob Penny & Ralph Robertson

Don Goldston, Arnold Pettijohn, George Holmes, Jack Farmer

Robert "Bob" Warren, Charlie Lester, Jack Nettles

Jack Farmer, Harold "Ozzie" Osgood, "Marty" Martin

Bud Allgren & John Drew

Lee An & Jim Stafford

Caroline & Ken Zauter

Bob & Mattie Lou Warren

Millie Kemper, Harold Osgood, Eileen Crawford

Al Crawford, Roy & Alice Hasty

Carolyn & John Drew

Mary & Jack Nettles

A. J. Wichita & George Holmes

Ruth & Bob Penny

Bud Allgren, Carolyn & John Drew

Millie Kemper, Mary Farmer, Carolyn & Ralph Robertson, Marty Martin

Ruth & Bob Penny

C. D. "Marty Martin & Edie

A. J. Wichita

Jack Farmer, Marty Martin

Millie Kemper, Lee An & Jim Stafford, Marty Martin

 Follow up Letter from Host "Marty" Martin, 23 August 1992

Dear Shipmates, Wives, and Friends;

Another reunion is over with!  Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and arrived home tired but "ship-shape".

We saw the last of the crew off Sunday AM at the airport.  Then Edie and I took off for home, really pleased with the turnout.  It was joy to meet, once again after 40 years, the 9 or so newcomers and hope that they will meet with us and enjoy our "Korean Crew" camaraderie.  For the sake of those who did not attend, let me list their names.  Perhaps you will recognize the names and wish that you had attended.  In fact, let me list all who attended. . . "old" and "new".

*Mahlon (Bud) Allgren Ohio,  Al & Eileen Crawford PA,   *John & Carolyn Drew MI, Jack & Mary Farmer VA, *Donald & Tam Goldston  TX,

Roy & Alice Hasty  NJ, *George & Gloria Holmes MA,  Mildred Kemper FL, Charles & Mary Lester IL,  Clarence "Marty" & Edie Martin NY,  Jack & Mary Nettles SC,  Harols "Ozzie" Osgood ME,  Robert & Ruth Penny TN,  Arnold & Gladys Pettijohn TX,  Miller & Lois Roberts VA,  Ralph & Carolyn Robertson GA,  James & LeeAnn Stafford WA,  Bob & Mattie Lou Warren FL,  Arnold J. Wichita TX,  Kenneth Zauter & Caroline NY.

 * -1st Time Attendees

I don't know how, but we missed out on a group photo this time.  If anyone has any "partial" groups and would send the negatives I would truly appreciate it.  Still can't figure how it happened, but it did.

Customarily at the Banquet, we have our saying of Grace and a moment spent, each in our own way, of prayerfully remembering those who have left us.  For whatever reason, the salad bar usurped our time and we are sorry for that.  Those who attended the reunion in Williamsburg had the distinct pleasure of  meeting Marion "Bud" Griffin and his lovely wife Laura from Houston, Texas.  We had a letter from Laura, which some of you may have read at the reunion, stating that God had called "Bud" home in February of this year, and though they could not be with us in body, would certainly be with us in spirit.  Those of you who met him might want to hold a private moment of prayer in his memory.  It's another name added to our deceased list, along with Danny and Donny Hillman.

I am working all the while on trying to find others of the Korean Crew, 1950-1952.  They sure are elusive, or perhaps they, too, have passed away.  In any event, any names and addresses from you will help.  Write to me.

Now then . . . . . . "1994."

If the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be looking for the smiling faces of all who attended here in Albany, plus at least half of our active roster, to show those smiling faces in 1994 at Dearborn, Michigan.  John Drew (attending for the first time in Albany) has graciously offered to host.  That's what we like... volunteers!  Of course we are not about to tell John what he has let himself in for.  Only kidding, John!  Will give you as much help as I can from this end.  Most of us will be looking for "where" and "what dates" by the fall of 1993.  For those of us that are still employed, vacations need to be put in for.  Those of us retired want time to save our pennies and plan our route.

Edie and I want to thank each and everyone who contributed to the purse presented to us, tucked inside a lovely bud vase.  It was a real tidy sum and sure will defray a lot of our costs.  Boy, Lois and Mary - you sure did real good.  Really appreciate it girls.  Also many thanks to Roy and Alice Hasty, who, ever so often sent us stamps, which help so much, and to Doris Broadwell (Millie's friend) who, when we saw her in Florida last Winter, also gave us some stamps.  Thank you all for being so generous.  Every little bit helps.

OK!... so that's it for now.  It was great seeing everyone.  We're really looking forward to Dearborn (do you hear that John)  In fact Edie already had maps out & "shall we drive or fly?"  I told her I'd like to fly but my arms get too tired.

Stay well and see you all in 1994.

                                                                    Cordially, Your shipmate

                                                                    Marty & his wife Edie

P.S. Mary Nettles, thank you for that great fruit and dip.  It was wonderful.  Mary Lester thanks for assisting.  Lois Miller have to thank you for the pepper jelly and cream cheese, etc.  That was great.  Again, thanks to all who contributed in anyway.

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