USS Whitehurst Logo by: Pat Stephens, Webmaster, DESA

8th ReUnion of USS Whitehurst Korean War Era Veterans

August, 1983 Raleigh (Williamston) North Carolina

Hosts Robert "Doc" & Alma Brown

Alma and Robert Brown

Jack Nettles, Glover Cameron, Dan DeNardis, Marty,
Ruth Penny, Alma Brown, Evelyn Cameron

Ken Zauter, Friend Caroline, Dan DeNardis, Alma Brown

                               Lyn & Dad (Marty)                                       Doc & Glover                           



                                                            Lee & Ted Kuflewski

Lyn, daughter of Edie & Marty Martin

Ken Zauter & Caroline

Glover Cameron & Evelyn

Ruth & Robert Penny

Jack Nettles, Glover & Evelyn Cameron, Marty Martin, Alma Brown

front: Bob Penny & Marty
Middle: Ken Zauter, Ted Kuflewski, Dan DeNardis
Back: Jack Nettles, Doc Brown, Glover Cameron

Standing l to r: ??, Doc Brown, Bob Penny, Jack Nettles, Ted Kuflewski, Nettles' son,
Ken Zauter, C D "Marty" Martin, Glover Cameron
Sitting: Lyn Martin, Alma Brown, Ruth Penny, Danny DeNardis, Lee Kuflewski,
Caroline (Zauter's companion), Edie Martin, Evelyn Cameron

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