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.22 Reunion of USS Whitehurst 1950 - 1969 Crews
October 16 - 18, 2008, El Paso Texas

Hosts Arnold & Gladys Pettijohn

Hosts Max & Chris Crow

15 October 2008, the hosts arrived at the hotel and started preparing for the arrival on Oct. 16th of about 50 shipmates and companions.  GP & Arnold, Chris & Max, have been collecting materials for the welcome package; El Paso data, various souvenirs, sweets and booklets & other mementos of the 1956 Whitehurst Cruise to WesPac, financed by Wally Pete Shelton who was a crew member in the Radar Group in 1956.

Wally Pete Shelton produced the cruise book

8" x 11" Book  of the 1956 Cruise to WesPac

Candid Shots in the Hotel, Arrival Day

17 October 2008

Boarding Bus to La Mesilla, NM























The Dance of the Old Sailors

"El Baile de Los Marineros Viejos" has a

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