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   Veterans of the USS Whitehurst DE-634 at the Reunion Banquet 9/24/05

The 20th Reunion of the 1950 & Later crews of USS Whitehurst DE-634

Kansas City, Missouri, September 27 - 30, 2006

Host: Earl England GM3, 1953

Host XO: Kathy England Lynch

The 20th annual reunion of the USS Whitehurst, 1950 to 1969 crews, took place in Kansas City, MO September 28 – 30, 2006 at the Holiday Inn on the Plaza. Those who attended were: Max and Chris Crow, Bill and Sissie Evelo, Al Crawford, John McCawley and his guests Wynona and George Gamboa, Roy and Alice Hasty, David and Kelly Steward, Alvie and Holly McClaran, Adrian and Anastasia Filipiak, George and Jane Davis, Gene and Jayne Avery, Miles and Dorothy Waggoner, Glen and Doris Anderson, Arnold and Gladys Pettijohn, Bob and Kathy Carter, Jim and Jo Bruffett, Ron and Joanne Gregg, Jacob and Bernice Bufford, Kenny and Eleanor Whitehurst, AJ Wichita and his sister Marie Scott, Earl and Helen Jackson.

Thursday morning we boarded a coach to tour the City of Fountains, Union Station, and the highlight was the Liberty Memorial, which is the national monument, dedicated to World War I soldiers. Thank goodness, the elevator to the observation tower broke down prior to our visitors going up the twenty-one stories plus the forty steps. We may have been the rest of the day to get everyone back down. It was a beautiful sunny, windy day! The renovations of the new museum are to be completed in December and we hope you will come back to see it. 

Friday morning we boarded the coach to tour Independence, MO on our way to the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum where the Buck Stops and the Trails Begin. Included at the Museum was a special exhibit of Winston Churchill.  

Some ventured out on their own to visit Crown Center, The Country Club Plaza for shopping and great restaurants, Arthur Bryant’s famous Barbeque restaurant, and to the Blue Moon in the historic Jazz District.

Friday evening it was Kansas City’s best Jack Stack Barbeque and jazz, which we moved inside due to the unpredictable weather. Money was raised with a drawing for a Naval History book and mat with the Navy insignia. Sissie Evelo won the large Naval History Book and A. J. Wichita won the insignia mat. 

The Saturday banquette marked the end of the reunion with Al Crawford reading the moving sailor story, “I Like the Navy”, and awarding a “Bravo Zulu”* to Kathy Lynch for the planning of the reunion and events. Capt. Roger Ekman sent a subscription to the Naval History Magazine and "Bravo Zulu" certificate to Bud England. In addition, Capt. Ekman also sent a certificate of appreciation to Max Crow for his work as Webmaster and Reunion Scribe preserving the Name and Memories of our ship.
* Note by site author: Bravo Zulu is the Navy flag hoist and radio signal for  "Well Done!"  

The winners of the Kansas City Trivia game were Gladys Pettijohn and Anastasia Filipiak. They both answered all the questions correctly and the prizes were nice books on Harry Truman and the Liberty Memorial. 

The 21st Reunion will be held in Akron, Ohio hosted by George Davis and Miles Waggoner. As plans are developed, more information will be provided. George and Miles will be trying to schedule the reunion in October.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Glen & Doris Anderson, GM 1951

Jayne & Gene Avery, RD 1952

Jim & Jo Bruffett, SM 1955

Bernice & Jacob Bufford, RM 1952

Kathryn & Bob Carter, QM 1951

Al Crawford, QM 1950

Max & Chris Crow, FT 1952

George & Dorothy Davis, RM 1952

Sissie & Bill Evelo

Stasha & Adrian Filipiak, RM 1955

Joanne & Ron Gregg, RD 1956

Roy & Alice Hasty, QM 1950

Earl & Helen Jackson, QM 1952

John McCawley, MM 1951

Alvie & Holly McClaran, RM 1956

Arnold & Gladys Pettijohn, BT 1952

David & Kelley Stewart, YN 1956

Jane & Miles Waggoner, TM 1952

Eleanor & Ken Whitehurst, SH 1954

A J Wichita, LTJG 1953

Kathy, Denny,& Dad, Earl "Bud" England

We enjoyed the company of these guests:

George & Wynona Gamboa, guests with John McCawley

Denny England, Son of Host, Earl England an
brother of Host XO, Kathy Lynch

Marie Scott, sister of A J Wichita

Sights enjoyed during the Reunion Activities











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