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June 22 - 26, 2004  at the Choo Choo  Holiday Inn, Chattanooga, TN

 Reunion Hotel: The Chattanooga Choo Choo

Hosts: Roy Dean & Jack Nettles Assisted by their XOs Betty & Mary

              The First Combined Reunion of All Whitehurst Veterans

26th ReU of the WWII Crew and the 18th ReU of the 1950 and Later Crews


Dunlap,   Dean      Graham, Cowden, Leslie, Dethlefsen

Plank Owners,  "First Crew" Members of USS Whitehurst

Doug Smith

  Doug was the only member of the "Second Crew" attending the reunion.

The "Second Crew" came aboard to relieve "First Crew" members after the ship returned to Pearl Harbor for repair of battle  damage caused by  the Kamikaze attack during the Battle of Okinawa, April of 1945.  

Business Item:                                                       

At the 2003 reunion of the 1950 and Later Crews, a drive to raise funds for the installation of a Whitehurst memorial on the Plaque Wall at the Navy Memorial in Washington was begun.  Al Crawford QMCM USN Ret. was chosen to head the effort.  It was announced  that excess collections would be used for a non-profit, Navy related, enterprise.  Well before the date of the 2004 reunion,  more than the $2,500 needed for the plaque had been donated by Whitehurst veterans. Treasurer, Arnold Pettijohn, sent the $2,500 check to the Navy Memorial.   A modest portion of the excess collection was spent on a duplicate plaque for display at reunions.  The duplicate was delivered in time, and was on display during this Combined Reunion. A business meeting was called and it was decided to donate the remainder of the fund to the USS Slater, a Museum ship, similar to Whitehurst, in Albany, NY.   The Treasurer sent a check for approximately $1,300 to the Slater organization.   


  Many thanks to the Dale and Shirley Johnston for the awesome billboard which welcomed Whitehurst veterans to Chattanooga.  Shirley is Roy Dean's sister.  She and her sister, Bea Deck, were hostesses for an excellent luncheon in the fellowship room. 

There were several, optional, and enjoyable recreation activities available to reunion attendees. Many visited Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, Rock City, and Civil War Battlefields.  Most enjoyed Dinner and a show on a Paddle Wheel Riverboat.  Hosts, Roy Dean & Jack Nettles, deserve the big E for their work in organizing the reunion.

Jim Bruffet served as auctioneer for the fourth consecutive year.  Funds from the auction were placed in the treasuries to be used as needed for coming reunions. Dick Cromer has agreed to host the 2005 reunion of the 1950 and later crews in Albany New York in late September, 2005.   The 27th reunion of the WWII crewmen of Whitehurst will be hosted by Gordon Leslie, and Jim Lawrence, in Knoxville TN.  All Whitehurst veterans are welcome at either reunion.

On the last evening, a banquet was attended by all but a few who had to leave early.  A professional photographer was on hand and a book with photos, both candid and professional was ordered by many.  The formal photos shown here were taken from the Memories Book made by DCI Reunion Services of Theodore Alabama.  Not everyone had a formal photo made. I have manipulated a few snapshots and used older some photos in order to show as many faces as possible but a couple are still missing.   Please contact me with corrections or other feedback.    Thanks  Max Crow.   E-Mail Site Author


Whitehurst veterans and wives/companions present at the  2004 ReUnion
Aden, Wayne & Dottie Avery, Gene & Jayne Billingsley, Jim & Marion
Bruffett, Jim & Jo Bufford, Jake & Bernice Cowden, Louis
Crawford Al Crow, Max & Chris Davis, George & Dorothy
Dean, Roy & Betty Dethlefsen, John Dixon, Richard & Sally
Dunlap, Carl & Irma Evelo, Sissie & Bill Filipiak, Adrian & Stasha
Gentry, Bobby & Elizabeth Goldston, Don & Doris Graham, Roy & Ryth
Harris, Addison Hasty, Roy & Alice Holmes, George & Gloria
Houser, James & Annie Lawrence, Jim & Rosalie Leslie, Gordon & Miriam
McCawley, John Nettles, Jack & Mary Penny, Robert & Ruth
Pryor, Wayne & Sally Smith, Doug & Wilma Wakefield, Duane & Jackie
Whitehurst, Ken & Eleanor

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