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17th Reunion of USS Whitehurst 1950-1969 Crews

Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, IL

Hosts Ken & Eleanor Whitehurst

Ken & Eleanor Whitehurst

Everyone enjoyed the hotel facilities and activities coordinated by shipmate Ken Whitehurst and his wife Eleanor with the help of the hotel’s professional host, Harold Wilson.  These events included museum trips, a visit to the Antique Mall, the Caterpillar plant site, an “Old Radio” program narrated by Harold Wilson, and excellent meals and banquet prepared by the hotel staff.  A fund raising auction was conducted by Jim Bruffett and Ray Nowacki for the third year running.  As always they excelled in both fund raising and entertaining.  After the banquet, the group voted to accept the invitation of the Whitehurst WWII veterans to join in their reunion in Chattanooga, TN in June, 2004.  

Hotel Pere Marquette, Peoroa IL

Hotel Entrance

Honored guests were:  Lew Cowden and Gene Schaab, Whitehurst plank owners who survived the hell of the Pacific War aboard the newly commissioned ship during WWII and WWII 2nd Crew member Doug Smith.                              

Lew Cowden

Gene Schaab

Doug Smith

Av52ery, RD2 '

Blakely Ltjg, '56

Boerjan, TN3 '53

  Bruffett, SN2 '55

Bufford, RM2 '52

Carter, QM2 '51

Crawford, QMCM '50

Crow. FT2 '52

Cromer, MM2 '55

Davis, RM2 '52

Dempsey, RM2 '55

England, GM3 '52

 Evelo, SN '55

Filipiak, RMC '55

 Harris, AT1  '50

Hasty, QMQ2 '50

Houser, SO '52

Mahan, EM2 '51

  McCawley, MM2 '51

Nettles, BT3 '50

Nowacki, ET3 '53

Pettijohn, BT1 '52

Shelton,RD2 '55

Smith, DC3 '52

Waggoner, TM3 '52

Wakefield, SO3 '54

Whitehurst, SH3 '54

Shipmates and  Companions who attended the 2003 Reunion:

Avery, Gene & Jayne    Blakely, Warren & Pat,     Boerjan, Charlie   Bruffett, Jim & Jo          Bufford, Jake                Carter, Robert & Kathy      Al Crawford,        
Cromer, Dick & Betty Ringanese  Crow, Max & Chris         Davis, George & Dorothy         Dempsey, Jim    England, Earl "Bud"     Evelo, "Bill" & "Sissie"   Filipiak, Adrian &
Stasha           Harris, Addison*     Hasty, Roy & Alice   Houser, Jake & Annie     Mahan, John & Dorothy            McCawley, John    Nettles, Jack & Mary   Nowacki, Ray & Lori    Pettijohn, Arnold & Gladys        Shelton, Pete & Pat  Smith, Don & Ruth Smith,  Doug & Wilma  Waggoner,  Miles & Jane         Wakefield, "Sam" & Jackie,   Whitehurst, Ken & Eleanor   Dick Cromer's sister Lucille and husband Bernie
*His shipmates remember him as "Mississip"

Warren & Pat

Bruf & Demp

Bruf at the Auto Museum

Jake & Charley
Jo & Jayne
Flip Demp Stasha

Jack & Mary

Jack & Roy

Annie & Jake

Jake, Bill, Sissy & Annie

Jayne & Gene

Max & Bill

Ken & Eleanor


John & Chris

Waiting for bus back to hotel
Al, Sissy, Alice, Jack, Mary, Roy, Bill

Flip & Roy

Pete, Demp, Pat, Stasha, Flip

Facing: Bob, Charlie, Jake

Mahan, Crawford, Evelo

Jackie, Duane, Loretto, Ray

John & Ray

Annie & Jake,  Jackie & Duane

England, Mahan, Evelo

Stasha & Flip

Jack, Mary, Chris, Jo=photog

Ray & Demp

Arnold, Gladys, Ruth, Don,

Jo Bruffett=photog

Autioneers, Bruf & Ray

Standing: Blakely & Crawford


Ruth & Don


Loretta & Ray


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