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16th Reunion of USS Whitehurst 1950-1971 Veterans

July 2002, Silverdale, Washington

Hosts FT1 Ross & Jeannie Flanders

ReU Hosts Ross & Jeanie Flanders

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Over 50 old sailors who served on the USS Whitehurst DE 634, met at the West Coast Silverdale Hotel.  The weather was perfect for swapping sea stories on the patio until the late hours.  Room 232 was setup for visiting and sharing old photos and memories.  Veterans of the Korean War fellowshipped with men who had served aboard the old ship in Viet Nam waters, in support of the South Viet Namese government.  Ross Flanders, FT1 1956, had been planning activities for the past two years.  Old salts and "one hitch" vets alike enjoyed the tour of the Destroyer USS Turner Joy, the Salmon dinner put on by the Indians at Blake Island, the Naval Museum, and even shopping at the Pike Place Market across the bay in Seattle.  

A banquet and fund raising auction was held Saturday evening with DC3 Donnie Smith entertaining after the meal.  Captain Trost, Commanding Officer of the submariner's training facility spoke about the training process and put up slide show of modern naval weapons.  Next Auctioneer Jim Bruffett took the mike for some serious fund raising.  The closing order of business was the selection of Host for the next reunion.  Ken Whitehurst suggested the Pere Marquette Hotel in Peoria Illinois.  He had already done his homework.  After Ken pointed out that at least 5 of our shipmates had died since the 2000 reunion, it was decided to meet again in 2003 rather than scheduling it 2 years away.  Ken and Eleanor will be hosts.

On Sunday Ross had arranged for a picnic using the facilities in a nearby state park.  Although some had to leave early Sunday morning, those who stayed had a great time in a beautiful setting.

Although many of us carried cameras and took hundreds of photos, sadly the idea of getting "all hands" together for a group photo slipped everyone's mind.

  ReU2002 Shipmates List

Anderson, Glen...Avery, Gene...Baird, Ken...Brickley, Jim...Bruffet, Carter, Robert...Jim... Chung, Bill...Clement, Rodger...Congdon, Cliff...Crawford, Al...Crow, Max...Davis, George...Dixon, Richard...Filipiak, Adrian...Flanders, Ross...Frazier, Zeke...Fry, Clyde...Griggs, Dean...Grimes, Everett...Hansen, Peter...Hasty, Roy...Hicks, Wally... Houser, Jim...Howe, Jim... Lake, Tim...Lindgren, Don...McCroskey, Jim...Nowacki, Ray...Otte, Denny...  Parmeter, George...Pettijohn, Arnold...Pulliam, Bill...Roberts, Miller...Sangray, Dick... Schlichting, Bill Shelton, Pete... Smith, Don...Sprague, Danny...Stafford, Jim...Storz, Rod...Stults, Del...Thornsberry, Jerry Vincent, Dave... Wakefield, Duane...Whitehurst, Ken...Wright, Loyd...

If I've left anyone out, please contact me. Thanks, mc.  Site Author 

                                                        Special Guests

Mildred Kemper & Nancy (daughter),  Doris Broadwell, Virginia Rawlings

Captain Trost, Speaker...  Dick Williard, Yeoman of Northwest Chapter of Destroyer Escort Sailors Association


Special Guest, Mildred Kemper widow of
Russell Kemper who started the Late Crew Reunions.
"Millie" is an Hononary Whitehurst Crew Member

Host, Ross Flanders introduces the speaker

Capt. Trost Commander of the Submarine
Training Center and Featured Speaker


Auctioneer Jim Bruffet & Future Host Ken Whitehurst

Betty & Bill Chung, Ken & Eleanor Whitehurst,
Jayne Avery

Wanda & Peter Hansen RD3 

BT1 Arnold & Gladys Pettijohn

Ross & Jeanie Flanders
cut a rug while...

Don Smith sings

Gene & Jayne Avery

FTC Jim Brickley

Jo & Jim Bruffett

Bob & Kathy Carter

Bill & Betty Chung

Max Crow

l to r: Clyde & Sharon Fry
Joanne & Dean Griggs

Sally & Dick Dixon

"Flip & "Stasha" Filipiak

Wally Pete Shelton

Wally Hicks

Jake Houser & Dick Sangray

Jim & Rae Howe

GMC Tim Lake

Loretta & Ray Nowacki

Denny Otte & Glen Anderson

Miller Roberts & Francis Gerow

Jim & Lee Stafford

Rod Storz

Noel & Jerry Thornsberry

Dave Vincent

Duane & Jackie Wakefield

Ken & Eleanor Whitehurst

Cliff & Helen Congdon

Wanda & Pete Hansen

Filipiak Thornsberry, Nowacki

Gene & Jayne Avery

Betty & Bill Chung


Crawford Family,  Al, Eileen, ???,  Jon


Connie & Jim McCroskey, Joanne & Dean Griggs


Francis Gerow, Alice & Roy Hasty, Don Lindgren


Averys & Whitehursts on the ferry to Seattle


Shopping Pike's Place Market Seattle


Gene Avery & Ken Whitehurst last day of ReU-2002

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