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15th Reunion of USS Whitehurst 1950-1971 Veterans

July 2000, Great Falls Montana

 Hosts GM2 Glen & Doris Anderson and GM2 Dick & Norma Sangray

On the 50th anniversary of the out break of what was called "The Korean Conflict", veterans of USS Whitehurst DE-634, Gathered in Great Falls, Montana for a Reunion.
A pair of old Gunners Mates, Glen Anderson and Dick Sangray hosted the event with their wives, Doris and Norma, serving as their Executive Officers.  The reunion proved to have the largest turnout to date with veterans representing the Korean Era, the late 1950s, and the Viet Nam Era all on hand for food and fellowship with sea stories being the topic of choice..
The hosts had the fellowship room well decorated and a great banquet lined up with a tour up the Missouri River to the Great Falls.

Saturday evening was banquet night with entertainment by Whitehurst vet Don Smith who missed his calling because he sings like a professional.
 Ray Nowacki and Jim Bruffett handled the auctioneering chores.  This in itself proved to be great entertainment.

Those who could stick around on Sunday enjoyed a wonderful "Pulled Pork" Barbeque in a local Park.

Everyone agrees, it was a wonderful reunion.  mc

50th Anniversary Korean War Flag Displayed by the Hosts

Hosts Glen & Doris Anderson

Hosts Dick & Norma Sangray

Standing l to r: Cliff Congdon,  Robert Plamann?,  Tim Lake,  "Slick" Schlichting,
Glen Anderson (host),  Dick Sangray (host),  Wayne Aden,  Max Crow
Kneeling: Ken Murphy,  "Bud" England,  "Dick" Dixon,  Ross Flanders

Standing l to r: Don Lindgren, Dick Dixon,  Robert Penny,  Geo. Holmes,  ???,  Wally Hicks,  Jim Stafford

Kneeling:  ???,  ???,  Don Smith,  Arnold Pettijohn

Standing: Lake, ???, Anderson, Sangray, Aden
Kneeling: Murphy, England, Dixon

My apologies for the lack of IDs.  If you can help please e-mail me Site Author   mc.                 Ross Flanders' son, Scott has posted many 2000 reunion pictures to his web site.                       Our thanks to Scott Flanders for preserving the photos and making them accessible!


Don Smith Sings

Rudy & Margaret Phillips  r.= Bud England

Karen & Buddy Dumler

Gordon "Cotton" Cox & Marilyn

Jim Howe                    "Flip" & Stacia Filipiak

                               AJ Wichita  J H Richards

  Jim Bruffet,  Woodward,   Shelton,   "Flip"

Chris & Max Crow

Auctioneers Jim Bruffet & Ry Nowacki

  Left:  Helen Congdon is trying to bid
on a second Doris Anderson
print after successfully bidding on
the first.  Cliff is failing in his
attempt to stifle her bid.  She
completed the bidding by
winking at the autioneer.

RM3 Jim Dempsey

SO3 Duane & Jackie Wakefield

Linda and RD2 "Woodie" Woodward
Woodie is now Commander USN Ret.

SO3 Duane and Jackie Wakefield
                    MM2 George & Gloria Holmes

Rae and QM2 Jim Howe (ship's Postman)

RM1 Adrian "Flip" & "Stasha" Filipiak

Duane & Jackie Wakefield with Norma Sangray

SN James H. Richards & Gladys Pettijohn

  GMC Tim Lake                SM2 Tim Dorgan

GM2 "Slick" & Shirley Schlichting

RD2 Danny Sprague  ??

RD2 Gene & Jayne Avery

MM2 "Manny" & Gloria Holmes

GM3 Wayne & Dottie Aden

"Stasha" & "Flip" Filipiak

FT2 Ross & Jeanie Flanders

Betty & SO3 Bill Chung

RD2 Rod and Bobby Storz

At the Sunday Picnic

Lee & Jim BT2 Stafford

SO3 Jake & Annie Houser


Kathryn & QM2 Bob Carter

EN2 Wally Hicks and Grand Daughter

FT2 Max & Chris Crow

Ruth and DCFN Don Smith

Helen & FTSN Cliff Congdon


BTC2 Robert & Ruth Penny

Gladys & BT1 Arnold Pettijohn

RMSN George & Dorothy Davis

RD2 "Woodie" & Linda Woodward

Donnie sang while Max accompanied


Everybody loved the "Pulled Pork!"

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