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Officers and Crew of Recommissioned Whitehurst

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From Deck Log of USS Whitehurst DE-634, September, 1950

Thanks to Al Crawford QMCM USN Ret. for purchasing the log pages.

Deck Log---List of Officers

Note: those onboard as of the official Recommissioned date, 1 Sept. 1950, are  considered "Plank Owners".

Name Rank Primary Duties
M.G. Evans LCDR Commanding Officer
A.E. Hammarlund LTJG Executive Officer
J.E. Alsover LTJG Oper. & CIC Officer
W.W. McClintock LTJG Gunnery Officer
G.L. Hart LTJG Engineering Officer
J.V. Allen LTJG Supply & Disb. Officer
R.W. Cramm LTJG Communications Officer
C.J. Gillman LTJG First Lieutenant
R.G. Phillips ENS ASW Officer
R.W. Johnson ENS Electrical Officer
D.D. Harlan ENS Electronic Repair Officer
W.C. Lambdin ENS Assistant Gunnery Officer


 Deck Log--Remarks Sheet

 USS Whitehurst (DE 634)                Friday 1 September 1950

1530 to 16            Persuant to the Chief of Naval Operations dispatch of August 1950, this vessel was placed in commission as a ship of the United States Navy,  Captain Chauncey MOORE, 57823, USN, Commander Florida Group, ATLANTIC RESERVE Fleet, Green Cove Springs, Florida, presented the ship to Lieutenant Malcom G.  Evans, 96708, USN, who assumed command at this time. This ship is moored, port side to the dock, in berth B, pier 5, U.S. Naval Station, Green Cove Springs, Florida, with the following lines in use:  Bow, stern, forward and after bow and quarter springs of 1-1/8" wire in 3 parts each.  Boiler #1 in use for auxiliary purposes.  Receiving potable water from the dock. Ship is in material condition Baker. SOPA: Commander Florida Group, ATLANTIC RESERVE Fleet.  The watch was set with Lieutenant (junior grade) James E. ALSOVER, 440836, USN, as Officer of the Deck.  The following officers are attached to this vessel this date:  LCDR Malcom G. EVANS, 57828, USN,  Acting Commanding Officer; LTJG, James E. ALSOVER, 440836, USN, Acting Executive Officer, Navigator, and Operations Officer; LTJG William W. McCLINTOCK, Jr., 451303, USN, Gunnery Officer and First Lieutenent; LTJG R.W. CRAMM, 455387, USNR, Communications Officer.  The following men are hereby attached to the ship comprising the crew.
Aden W S GM3 Anderson C V SN Anderson R G FN
Barber F E SN Bellavance H R EMFN Beyer J C BM3
Bold R E MML1 Bondurant, J E SN Bongiorni H IC2
Brenson C S Jr TN Brown G E MML2 Bryan J D FPG2
Bussey J N SN Cameron G Jr SN Carey E V SN
Carter J W SN Champagne J F RD3 Comins, R M SN
Conway J D  SN Crawford A N QMQ1 Crews F R SN
Davis L E  FCS3 Deer C B EMP1 Denardis D A QMQ3
Driggers C H MML3 Ellers D G TMT1 Farmer J R DCW2
Ferrel O L FN Flanders D J BTG3 Flechner J H SN
Foster W L YNTSN Fox F A SA Gallager E J SH2
Giannini R A RMN2 Graham D P Jr MMC `Greaves W L EMPC
Griffin M N BTG3 Gruber M E SOG2 Hasty R A QMQ2
Henderson H Jr FN Hillman D J SN Hochhalter M CSC
Hooks C M SKC Houk G H YN2 Howard S J FN
Jackson E T GMM1 Jones C O SN Jones P SDG2
Kaiser W D FN Kelley B E RM1 Kemper R E BTG2
Kloever A M BTc Kuflewski T J QMQ2 La Duke K F TEM3
Langford G S MM3 Lefler E L Sr EM2 Limburg G J SN
Lloyd A B Jr ET1 Lynch H BMG3 Marcy J R BMC
Marshall J C BTG2 Martin C D Jr SN McCann T B GMS3
McCranie R SO3 McDermott J F Jr BMG2 Meckes R W SN
Miller R L SN Morris C T MML3 Mueller E J RD1
Murphy J L FN Murphy S B MEG1 Newland R L ET3
Osgood H A Jr QM3 Palmer R F FN Paulson C N RMN3
Payne N H SN Peck C W BMG2 Perkins T E MM2
Ponder L E SDS3 Prince W R  PNSN Randolph C SN
Richards J H SN Roberts M H GMM3 Robertson R DK2
Robinson C L SN Rockhold J R RDSA Ross V C Jr CS3
Royal R O SA Ryder A SN Sagers J C SN
Samuelson R MML1 Sandifer E L MML1 SARA J D  SN
Schermerhorn H H FN Schuebel G H EM2 Schulze L K CS3
Signor P W Jr SOG2 Smith D A END1 Smith E M SN
Smith G W SN Smith G O Jr MMLFN Smith M W BT1
Smith S L FN Swadley F G SO1 Tageant R J SN
Trasser L W SOG2 Turkaly S Jr BMG2 Wagner S W MML2
Walsh W P RMN3 Walter H MML1 Warren R T SN
Warwick J F SN Wedman E I ETSN Williams B B FC1
Williams H L BMB2 Williams W G RM3 Winney P L BTG2
Woods W P SN Wright F S QMC Yeoman J E EMP1
Zauter K W SN Zokus E BM1  
Approved   Examined
M G Evans LCDR USN Commanding   J E Alsover LTJG USN

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