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This Courtesy Page is for links to web sites, and other enterprises, in which veterans mentioned in this web site or their family members are involved. 

Cheryl Davis, Native American Art

Cheryl is the daughter of David L Wilson, who was with the VJ1/3
Weather Plane Squadron during the Typhoon Doris disasters and the Search and Rescue Missions which followed.  She has  provided several newspaper clips, as well PDF copies of the official investigation records of the 3 plane crashes for use on this web site.

Cheryl has also set up a web site for her father,
David L. "Dub" Wilson, which will feature events of his long and interesting life.  At the time of this writing, January 2013, Dub is 83  and still going.  Visit his Blog.


Link to Guitarist son, Tracy Lane's Band web site
Allison Red

Gerald R. Davis, Whitehurst vet from 1960-1961

He has legally changed his name to Red Elk.  He is a Native American Medicine Man, Teacher, Spiritual Leader, and Speaker.  To learn more, click the link above.

Red Hills Lake... Fly Fishing at its best.

Fly Fishing

Larry D. Hays went aboard Whitehurst in 1959 and left the ship as Electricians Mate 2nd Class.  If you like fly fishing in the Northwest, click on the link to learn more about this beautiful place near Dayton, Oregon. Larry would like to hear from his Whitehurst shipmates.  E-mail addresses and Phone # listed below.

Red Hills Lake is a 4 Ac. Lake nestled in a wooded setting at the foot of the Red Hills of Dundee Oregon.

We look up into Oregon’s most famous vineyards.

We are located about 45 min. from Portland and 35 min. from Salem.

We offer a catch & release program year round, weather permitting.

The fish being caught have beautiful silver sides, striking rainbows, and pearl like gill plates.   

We have both Kamloop and steelhead trout, Most are trophy size and some up to 25” long and weight up to 8 lbs.

You can reach us at 503-864-3453. Come see the video clips of fly fishermen fish on our lake at

  Also see go to “Oregon” then to push the “Forms” button, Then push the “Oregon” button, Then push the “Search” button under the “New Topic” button Then search for “Red Hills” This will being up some of our customers comments.

Also if you go to and search “Category” fly fishing” in Oregon you will pull up more information about Red Hills Lake.


You may contact us at:Red Hills Lake
19606 NE Archery Summit Rd.
Dayton Oregon 97114
Phone No.: 503.864-3453 If no response then call

Phone No.: 503.775-0952

Warren W. Blakely  LTJG. Served on Whitehurst  in 1956 & 1957 

Rotary International:  The organization is involved in charitable activities both in each club's local area and abroad.  Each club takes care of the needs of its own community and is required to help with, or do, international projects.  At present the worldwide effort is the eradication of Polio.  Since 1985 we have financed and provided volunteer workers to completely erase the disease in the Americas (by 1994) and are now working on Africa, Europe, and Asia.  Today Europe and most of Asia and Africa are Polio free.  There are only seven countries left in the Middle East and Northern Africa where the disease are know to exist today.  Unfortunately those are places with civil wars and other violent happenings.  As a result we are having trouble getting in there to give the Polio vaccine.  Our goal is to have the whole world Polio free by 2005.  Most of our work, as Rotarians, is involved with medical, health, hunger, and other humanitarian relief.  WWB

An E-Note received from Capt. Richard Rising U.S.N. Ret. Re: Pat's Fund

Capt. Rising was CO of Whitehurst in the mid 1960s

The story on Pats Fund is told on our web page.  Pat was my wife's youngest son who died of an autoimmune disease called ITP four years ago.  We do an annual Golf/Auction fund raiser every year .  Earlier this year we gave $130,000 to the Puget Sound Blood Center in Seattle for Research.  Our goal is educating the public about the over 100 autoimmune diseases affecting over 50 million in this country.  This is a little known area where not enough money is spent on research.  Some well known auto immune diseases like MS and Juvenile Diabetes are well known but most money is directed to find treatments and to benefit the drug companies.  We are directing our efforts to funding research to find the causes and hopefully a cure.
We also have an E mail address that comes to our home as  
Thanks for your interest   Dick   

PS my wife and I are founders of our organization which is now a nonprofit research fund.  I am currently Chairman of the Board or just

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