Whitehurst 25th Birthday Party
by Tom Hachtel FN onboard 1968-1969

It has been a long time since Whitehurst...
The big event that happened while I was onboard was a Whitehurst 25th Birthday Party held at the tasting room of the Blitz Brewery in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Free beer was served and the movie "The Enemy Below" was shown on a reel to reel type projector.

Lots of other events happened that winter in Portland including record snow and potential trouble spinning off the death of Martin Luther King.

The ship's crew had a New Year's Eve party at a social hall in Vancouver. Washington
to start off 1969.  I remember music and drinking.  Due to freezing rain we didn't get back to the ship until the next afternoon.  Pretty big stuff for an Ohio farm boy.
                           Blitz Brewery, Portland Oregon, photo taken in 1955.


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