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The Inebriated Shore Patrolman
by LTJG "Bill" Lambdin

Bill Lambdin, 1951

Early on during the Korean War, USS Whitehurst DE-634 was sent to Pusan South Korea to provide Electric Power to the city.  The ship tied up dockside and large cables were attached to the  Pusan Power Grid. The ship's generators provided the necessary kilowatts.

 One night, sometime during this service, the city of Pusan threw a dance for the members of the Whitehurst.  I was assigned as the Shore Patrol Officer along with 4 enlisted men. The dance was in full swing, when one of my SP's, a Gunners Mate named Lynch, got into the liquor and got drunk as a skunk. I told two of the others SP's to load him into the jeep and take him back to the ship making sure the Officer of the Deck didn't see what was going on.  They got him back to the fantail, out of view of the Quarterdeck Watch, and with the help of his shipmates on board were able to get him to his sleeping quarters without being seem by the OD.  Nothing was ever heard after that incident, so I guess I got away with it.

Webmaster's note:  Bill Lambdin was a mustang. He served as an enlisted man on PT Boats in WWII, later went to Officer's School for commissioning as an Ensign, and was ordered to Whitehurst when she was re-activated.  It seems only natural that he found ways to give his men a break when he could.                                     mc

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