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Honor Flight of GM2 William "Bill" Schlichting
aka "Slick" by his shipmates

Bill Schlichting October 2017

Bill Schlichting, November, 1953
Thanksgiving Day Celebration on the island of Chi Chi Jima.  Whitehurst Crew played a baseball game
 with the crew of a submarine.  Being a Gunners Mate, Bill was Issued a side arm and assigned Shore
Patrol duties.

Glenn York                                                                        announcement             

        Buddy was Honored Posthumously                           


Bill's "XO", Shirley, is at the Fresno-Yosemite International
Airport for the send off.

Next stop for dinner at American Legion Post in Severn Maryland

After a good meal we're back on the bus for sight seeing...

Moon rising over the Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument 555' high

It's been a long day. Let's hit the rack!

Tuesday, First Tour, the Navy Memorial


WWII Memorial Plaza

Kathy is Daughter, Sponsor, and Guardian

Bill is posed in front proof that Kilroy got there first.





Korean War Monument

Vietnam Memorial

Wednesday, Arlington National Cemetery

Women Nurses

Women in all Branches of the Military are remembered here.

United States Air Force Memorial

After the USAF Memorial
"We were provided an Arby's Box Lunch. Yummy", said Kathy Hilton.
Next a police escort to the airport and the long flight west.

Lemoore NAS supplied a large contingent and band to welcome the Vets back home.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks with the California Central Valley
Honor Flight Association. You deserve a big

Well Done!

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