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The 2016 Joint Reunion of the Veterans of
USS Whitehurst DE-634, USS Silverstein DE-534,
USS Walton DE-361, and USS Foss DE-59

September 15 - 18, 2017
Hotel Sheraton Uptown, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Larry Richards Silverstein vet and his XO, Velma,
Reunion Planners, extraordinaire







        Coffee, Roasters, Grinders, Sellers                      "come in and smell the coffee."
                                                                       Coffee 101
    Albuquerque is the home of the worlds largest Balloon Festival, an October event annually
 l. Mary Hudson & Ruth Jost                             r. Pam observes as Rick flies the Virtual  Balloon
                                                                                               Pam, Elaine, and Dean

Beautiful entrance to Albuquerque's Old Town


The bus parked here during our walking tour.

San Felipe de Neri Church


The Silver and Turquoise Sellers

                                          Drum and Flute accompanied the Dancers
                                                                  Buffalo Dance

                           New Mexico has built a magnificent memorial to its veterans

This pavilion swallows our little group.



 The white monoliths represent grave markers of New Mexico's fallen Heroes

                                                                            Gilbert Winegar
    Mary Jane & Dave Cregut                             "Bob" Carter     and            "Flip" Filipiak
                                                                  right picture: Mike Sedlak, Keith & Marguerite Hipwell

Richard Babnik

Sandia Peak overlooking Albuquerque, New Mexico


                                      Reunion Banquet night at Sheraton Uptown




W.W. Montgomery, Richard and Joe Babnik

Jan Banks and Tammi Pierce






     The dinner was great, and the auction was a success.  We enjoyed the camaraderie, the
      sea stories and the Big Band Music that we grew up with, performed by the
     Albuquerque Dukes throughout the evening.

   A Hearty "Bravo Zulu" to Larry and Velma for their work
      organizing and planning this reunion.  They even
                secured the full co-operation of the
                 Southwest Weather Department.                  

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