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USS Whitehurst DE-634
WWII Veterans Reunion


This was the only reunion which combined the WWII Veteran reunion with the Late Crew's annual reunion.  In the past many reunions have included members of both groups, however in 2004 only the one reunion was planned, withe the WWII vets inviting all the late crews to attend their reunion in Chattanooga TN. It was certainly a pleasure to meet with the "Heroes of Whitehurst".  mc

l to r men not completely hidden: Robert Cart, Jim Billingsly, Ken Whitehurst, Jim Bruffett, Gene Avery, Adrian Filipiak, Duane Wakefield, Robert Penny, James Houser, Bill Evelo, Miller Roberts, AL Crawford, Max Crow, Arnold Pettijohn, Don Goldston, George Holmes, Jack Nettles, George Davis, Jacob, Buford




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